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Ep 42: Serving the Lord as a Prayer Warrior: Anna — Devotion

April 8, 2020

Is there a “prime time” for serving the Lord? Many would claim that they are too young. With youth comes “busyness” and there is no extra time to serve the Lord. Others would say that they are too old. With age comes tiredness and certainly, they feel God wouldn’t expect service from someone old and tired! The Bible, however, gives us many examples of women serving the Lord at all ages.

What these women did along life’s way may have been recorded in only a few words, such as the servant girl in Namaan’s household. Other times, an entire book is dedicated to the service of a woman, such as Esther or Ruth. In each case however, God thought their service to be significant enough to have it recorded for posterity in His Holy Word, the Bible.

What can we learn from these women of the Bible, young, old and in-between, whom God called to serve Him in special ways? Beginning with the young, we look at their service “all along life’s way.”

This is devotion 9 of 9 in a devotional series that looks at 9 different women throughout Scripture and how they serve the Lord.

Serving the Lord as a Prayer Warrior: Anna is from the devotional collection All Along Life's Way, by Lu Garchow, originally published by LWML.

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